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Ready or Not, Here He Comes:

With more than 500 investigations under his belt, Ross has collected a vast amount of knowledge and experiences throughout his 20 plus years seeking ghosts. These investigations have taken him and his team all over the world,, across the seas to the castles of Scotland, to the depths of the Roman Catacombs and back to  some of the most haunted locations throughout America. As Ross always says, “With ghost hunting, you need to be at the right place at the right time.” In these cases, he couldn’t be more correct.


This is a list of Ross’ Top 10 investigations  from his travels:

  1. St. Louis University  – It was here where the true exorcist case took place, and Ross had the chance to investigate the room where the boy “Robbie”  stayed for a short time. Here, he has captured some of the most frightening evidence he has ever encountered.
  2. Ancient Rams Inn  – This old inn was featured on a number of ghost shows, and so Ross and  his team traveled to the UK and see if the stories were true. To his surprise, what the encountered that night would bring no doubt to their minds  that something paranormal was afoot. During the night, he and his team found intelligent rapping coming from the walls and ceilings. These always happened right after being asked to make a noise for us.
  3. Alcatraz Prison – Ross and his team traveled a few times to Alcatraz Island. Here, he and his team ventured to locations not offered to the general public, such as the chapel, hospital wing, and the morgue, as well as touring other parts of the island. It was in the morgue where Ross encountered his first physical contact with the other realm.
  4. USS Turner Joy – This retired naval ship seems to have a few of its crew members still aboard, and Ross has encountered them. Now a featured museum in the waters of Bremerton, WA,Ross and his team spent the night seeking the presence of the unearthly kind. Here,  Ross encountered a disembodied voice calling out to him from a darkened room. He also  captured some amazing EVP’s from the departed crew themselves.
  5. Seattle Underground – Buried under the streets of Seattle are the remains of what was once the city’s sidewalks. Once a tour guide for the Underground Tours, Ross had plenty of opportunities to run in with the spirits that lurk there. These encounters have been recorded on the multiple times he and his team investigated these dwellings. Here, they captured a number of EVP’s, startling sounds and even an oddity or two.
  6. Satan’s Harvest – Near Fort Kent in ME, a man slaughtered his family after claiming he was possessed by the devil. It seems the land in which his farm once stood is now the home to a very dark entity. After one of Ross’ lecture the students took him to this location where they captured and experienced very terrifying encounters that left some students shaken.
  7. Leap Castle – Outside of Dublin in County Offaly, Ireland lies a castle with a dark past filled with so much death. Here Ross and a small team seeks the communication from its tortured spirits. But surprising most that live within its walls are not so gruesome.
  8. Roman Catacombs – Miles beneath the ruins of Rome, Italy are the famous catacombs where the dead of thousands have come to rest or do they? Ross had a very rare opportunity to venture off on his own in search of the talking dead. While lurking among the bones buried in mile long corridors, he captured a roman calling out to him on his recorder.
  9. Eastern State Penitentiary – While filming for the Learning Channel, Ross and his team set up for the night at Eastern State Penitentiary in search of their historic ghosts, such as Al Capone. During this long eventful night his team had captured some EVP’s, strong paranormal readings and even a few personal encounters.
  10. Montana State Prision – Ross and his team had this location for themselves and it was a night most would never forget. Here members and himself had caputuer amazing EVP’s, personal encounters and feeling of knowing you at never alone here.

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